Components and benefits of massage chairs

News 02:07 July 2020:

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Massage chairs are an invention aimed at imitating the motions and actions of a masseuse when one goes in for a massage. For people who are not comfortable having other people do a massage on them, the chairs may be a saving grace as we all need a way to relax our bodies and relive it of stress accumulated.

The chairs have different components that help in the performance of a massage. These include;

  1. The chair motors –These include the mechanical aspects of the chairs. The chair is powered electrically thus the need for motors to control it. The motors help in moving and powering the rollers and the nodes to the necessary regions. They also allow for adjustments to the back of the seat when it is needed. The chair comes with various patterns and programs that are pre-set into it and are used in massaging a person’s whole back. The chairs however have a control pad that helps in making adjustments to the rollers and the nodes. This setting is good as it allows for different preferences especially when the chair is used for commercial purposes. This allows different people to set what their references are depending on the massage they wish to get and fully achieve the desired results.
  2. The chair nodes and rollers – As mentioned earlier, the massage chairs have motors to help in the movement of the nodes and the rollers. The rollers and nodes are designed to emulate hands and fingers. If they are large in size, then the massage chair is designed to provide a more general massage type. The chairs that have small rollers and nodes are designed to be more specific with their massage preferences allowing for more point specific and detailed massage experiences. The motor allows the nodes and rollers to move in different ways allowing them to target various areas of a person’s back.
  3. Adjust-ability of the Massage chair – This feature is computer assisted allowing the chair to be adjusted in various ways. The chairs are designed to automatically adjust based on the weight, height and the width of the user. This ensures comfort ability when the user seats on the chair. The control panel also allows a user to fine tune the different adjustments based on how best they get to feel comfortable.

Benefits of the massage chairs

  1. Beautiful skin – massages do wonders to our skin. This is especially so for people in areas that have a lot of pollution and very stressful lives. Massage chairs act by heating up the skin causing the body to react and increasing blood circulating to the surface of the skin. This means more nutrients to the skin as well as replacement of cells that are damaged. The skin is able to be replenished giving the person a fresh glow and reducing superficial marks and pigmentation on the skin.
  2. Improves mood – Massage chairs and massages in general help in the release of endorphins and serotonin which help in regulation of emotions, anxiety, mood, and depression and in improving the overall mental health f a person. It helps in relaxing the body and regulating various feelings thus allowing one to have a more regulated mood.
  3. Relieves stress – Studies over time have shown that a comforting human touch is a good stress reliever. The massage chairs have evolved to emulate such a touch for the person seated on the chair. This helps in relaxation and allowing the user to be relieved of stress. By simulating the touch of a human hand, they not only relieve stress but also increase circulation and reduce blood pressure.
  4. Improves breathing – The amount of oxygen intake is often dependent on the size of the chest cavity. For a person with contracted muscles and bad posture, the chest cavity may be small. The massage chairs help in loosening muscles around the back and the side chest are. This allows for better oxygen intake. This further increase the benefits of increasing blood circulation as the blood circulated has more nutrients and is more air nourished.

In essence, the chairs help improve the general health of a person by ensuring they are more relaxed and deal with anxiety better.