Advantages of Twitter Polls

In the recent past twitter polls have really grown in popularity. You will notice that even big corporations are choosing to get the information that they require through these polls these days. Many people are not using the conventional polls as much as they used to. You might be wondering why this is the case considering the fact that twitter is a social media platform and you might think that it is not such a serious platform. The truth is that the twitter polls have actually come with a number of benefits over the conventional polls and this is the main reason as to why most people are opting to use them. Some of these benefits are listed below.

Using twitter polls helps one to save on time. Conducting these polls does not require long processes of planning, data collection, compiling of the data then tallying the results and preparing the required reports. With these polls, things are much easier to do. All one needs to do is to set up the poll on their timeline. Tallying is done automatically as the poll continues and once the poll is completed, you get the results automatically. The poll usually runs for a set amount of time. One will not need to go out in the field physically to collect the information. You can just set up the poll and continue with your other activities as the poll runs. You can then come back later to collect the results.

Compared to the conventional polls, the twitter polls also cost much less. These polls allow one to save on a lot of money. With these polls, you do not need to spend money on hiring data collectors, people to compile and tally the results and the final reports.  All you need to do is to set up a twitter account, which is free, then set up the poll on your timeline. The poll will run on itself and give you the results that you need without you having to spend large sums of money on it.

Another great advantage of the twitter polls is that they give you access to a much larger audience. With the conventional polls you will find that they are mostly forced to work with a certain sample size. This is mostly due to the resource, time and money limitations that are involved. This is not the case with the twitter polls. With these polls, as many people as want to participate can take part [provided they have access to your time line. You can spread the word about the poll far and wide and have as many people as you want participate.

This does not go to say that the conventional polls are by any chance not good enough. They also work very well as they have served the world for very many years now. The twitter polls just work to provide a faster, cheaper and more convenient platform through which one can achieve the same objective.

Why Twitter Polls still remains the best


There are many ways to get information from people, some use surveys but who want to undertake a survey unless it offers them a reason to.    The good news with Twitter polls is that it is a social media platform which one can complete in a few minutes in their hand held gadgets.   It is therefore imperative that if we need to reach an audience regarding a particular survey we do so in their comfort zones.  The worlds over close to 55% of the world population have a hand held gadget and are able to communicate and give accurate information regarding a poll.

The polls still remains the best as it only takes a few minutes to create and allow users the chance to indicate the time period.  It can run within minutes or days whichever will be applicable or preferred.  As a marketer and if you need to find out more information about your customers incite about a product, this is the best platform to consider.   When creating one it should be short, precise and engaging.  When it is engaging it will take a shorter time to information required without having to send people out there to take surveys for you.

What most people fail to know is that there is a lot of untapped information in the hands of the social media platform users.  How do you get information regarding simple things like which is the best holiday site in your location.  Creating a Twitter polls will interestingly widen your scope on the untapped information in the people you rarely communicate with.  The good thing with the polls is that anyone on the Twitter platform can undertake polls and it is absolutely free.    There is absolutely no cost that using the polls feature will come with.

There are points or facts worth considering when creating your polls.  The first and most important aspect that should top your list is your audience.  Do you have an audience in mind that you are targeting?   The second and most important one should be timing.  When does your audience remain active?  If you are targeting students then your timing factor should not be as one timing adults.  Students are most active late in the evening when all is quite and all they have are their phones and any handheld gadgets.  Thirdly and most importantly never forget that polls have a lifeline period they don’t last forever.

Finally, when you are seeking information of any kind from people through Twitter polls feature on the social media platform, never forget to appreciate them as you might need the same team the next time.  A simple word of ‘Thank you’ will go along way.  People of all kinds love to be appreciated and do not take their responses and time taken for granted.   As indicated above the issue of time zones should top your list of requirements if you need to succeed in getting information of any kind from people of all ages.  Remember that it is you who needs information from them.  Be courteous with them.

The Importance of Twitter Likes

Twitter is one of the social media platforms available in the world today. People are increasingly using the social media platforms for a large number of things in today’s world. Businesses have particularly found out that they can greatly benefit from these platforms. They do not only provide a way through which they can engage and interact with their customers, but it also provides for a very good marketing avenue. There are so many companies and businesses that have reported good growth and good revenues due to choosing to market themselves on social media. There are quite a number of features available on the social media platforms that tend to enhance the marketing experience that the businesses have. On twitter, one such feature is the twitter likes.

Twitter likes are basically a feature that allows the audience out there to show their appreciation, recognition or their liking towards the content that you are posting. There is usually a love heart symbol beneath each tweet, clicking on this symbol shows that the person likes the tweet that has been sent out. As a business you might be wondering how this helps you.

It is important to understand that twitter likes are a very fundamental part of the success of the social media campaign that you launch. First and foremost, these likes give you visibility. The higher the number of likes you get, the more recognition you get on the twitter platform. Increased likes help you to get higher and higher on the trending lists on the platform which will mean that more and more people get to see you and notice you on the platform. This visibility is very important as it is the only way that word about your business gets out there and it is how people know and recognize that you exist.

Apart from giving you visibility, twitter likes are a very good way of assessing whether or not the strategy that you have chosen for your twitter marketing is working or not. Many likes mean that people are actually relating to and appreciating the content that you are posting. This means that you are succeeding at reaching out to the audience. Less likes definitely means that something is not being done right and needs to be addressed. It is important to continuously carry out an analysis of the likes that you are getting and what gets you many likes and what does not. This will give you a clear indication of what is workingand what is not working for you.

After all is said and done, it is important to recognize and understand the very important and central role that the twitter likes play to the success o9f any marketi8ng campaign. They should never at any one time be taken for granted. Work to get as many of them as possible by making sure that you do not only understand your audience and what they are looking for but also making sure that you do give them what you want. You will realize within no time that this will greatly propel your business to the higher heights that you want them to reach within a very short time.

Facts about Twitter Likes

Twitter Likes are a great feature for any person looking for visibility on social media pages to use. They have been known to work very well and people who have used them and used them right have actually been known to benefit greatly from them. There are however those who complain that they do not work. Chances are high that people who complain as so did not use them the proper way. There are certain fundamental facts that need to beunderstood about these likes before anyone starts to use them.

Twitter Likes are system generated. They are usually generated automatically once the trigger that has been configured in the system is felt. They are also usually generated in large numbers. They are generated at certain intervals. It is important that they are generated by a professional who knows what they are doing. This way, the professional will be able to generate them in such a way that looks professional and it will not be obvious that they are being generated by a machine. Depending on the service level agreement that you have with your service provider, you will get varying likes at set intervals.

Twitter Likes work well to help you build the initial momentum for your social media pages. They work well to create a fuss and interest about your pages. They work very well to get people towards you and pick their interest in you and what you are offering. People will naturally be attracted to things and places that are generating a lot of buzz. Once you are getting all these likes on your pages, people will naturally want to know what about you is so interesting that you are getting all these likes. They will be curious and they will naturally want to come and feed their curiosity.

Twitter Likes will build you the momentum but will not retain it for you, this is a job for you and you alone. Yes, people’s curiosity will be picked but it is your job to satisfy their curiosity. Remember that by the time these people are coming to your pages they are coming with very high expectations. They have already seen that you are getting a lot of likes so they have automatically assumed that you must be very interesting and you must be having something great to offer. This something great is what they come looking for and it is what they expect to get when they get to your pages otherwise they will leave. You thus need to make sure that you have that great thing to give them once they arrive, this simply means that you need to work on your content and make sure that you have good things to continuously offer these people once they now officially visit your pages.

Twitter Likes are great tools to use to generate visibility and grow people’s interest in you but the job of retaining both this interest and visibility is solely yours. It will be your responsibility to make these people remain on your side.