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Derryl F. Harris (Bud)       
Industry Background:

  • Kent Meridian High School/Graduated

  • College 1 Year

  • Broadcasting School 1 Year/Graduated

  • William Ogden Radio Engineering School/Graduated

  • 1st Class FCC Radio Telephone - Lifetime License

  • db Recording/Producer-Engineer

  • 10 Years Radio Broadcasting: KSND-AM -Seattle
                                                              KBRC-AM -Mt. Vernon

  • 38 years in the music business.  Performing (drums and keys).  

  • Read, write and arrange music plus produce and engineer.  

  • Opened shows for Ray Charles, The Platters, The Fleetwood's and helped on Brian Wilson demo plus lots of other local music groups including Church performances.

  • Currently own and operate HarrisToursProductions, which includes auditioning music, programming and announcing for WebRadioPugetSound and multi media production.

  • 3 CD releases in 2000 on HarrisToursRecords label.

  • Clean the room...(Please don't offer janitor job).

Barbara A. Harris (Nancy)    
Industry Background:

  • Co-owns and operates WebRadioPugetSound. which includes auditioning music, programming and announcing.

  • Webmaster and graphics  for HarrisToursProductions and WebRadioPugetSound, including all streaming audio and video.

  • 6 Years Internet Radio

  • Writes and performs music. 

  • Sings, plays keys and violin.

  • Announces and facilitates "The Bud and Nancy Show"  with Derryl,  on WebRadioPugetSound.

  • Voice-over and Commercial announcements.

  • Keeps "Bud" in line.



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