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LVBAND LVBand is a band site for recording artists to select songs for next CD session or gig.  Most of these are song demos, the vocals and production credit goes to the studios and vocalists who I am grateful for bringing life to LYRICS.

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Orphus is a band unlike most others. A unique feature of Orphus's identity is their overall sound. Made up of three songwriters who sometimes compose together and other times on their own, each bring a number of different elements to the tracks of an Orphus CD.
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Dave Croston, instrumental guitar artistry, from Tacoma Washington.  Dave has years of music composing, arranging and performing.  You will enjoy his new CD "Pulse Of The City" offering a variety of guitar excellance and textured sound.  

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Vicki Lee's latest recording "Crossin' On Over" is making quite a few heads turn!  Vicki has been known for her Country and Gospel songs. Her first recording "Touch Of Life" was followed by her patriotic single, "Don't Let Us Fall", a 3 generation creation.  It was given the 2002 Patriotic Song Of The Year award with NACMAI. 
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Color Open Mind.jpg (988705 bytes)Regan Lane is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter releasing critically acclaimed full band pop-rock CD's that are reminiscent of classic British pop artists, a charismatic performer doing shows with only his songs, stories and acoustic guitar and a VJ for 'Puget Sounds TV', a northwest video show featuring local and national music performers from various genres.

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Classically trained, piano playing began around the age of 3. Larry Kessler learned to read notes before words.  Having finally acquired the resources and some time to build a home studio, the result has been put on disk now known as "The Kitchen Table Collection"
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TheDryHeevesCD.jpg (33684 bytes)Hailing from Atlantic Canada, The Dry Heeves are cultural analysts who use contemporary music as their dissemination medium of choice. Shifting from rock to pop, to experimental, to ambient, and to full-blown electronica, The Dry Heeves take the listener on an incredible sonic journey. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

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DCP_0004.JPG (76874 bytes)Christian Rock Band from Pierce County - Daybreak.  

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Order Tropical Denny's CDBeing happy is what Tropical Denny is all about. He enjoys living and writing music on a houseboat somewhere near Austin, Texas.

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get yer brown sox onBrown Sox...... Odd Meters, Odd Tunings, Odd Fellows from New Orleans, LA...The band is dedicated to bringing true new  original music to the public.  The band's material can at times be considered "artsy" sometimes "popish".., and still other times "metal edged".
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DI ANNE FOXX: Tainted RoseIn 2003, Di Anne Foxx Celebrated Her Tenth Year of Performing Professionally to hundreds of Satisfied Clients and Thousands of Supportive Fans!  Di Anne Foxx is Picayune, Mississippi's Award Winning Entertainer, Vocalist, Songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist.
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