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Millennium Radio Network

Have a retail store?  You can have the 'Cream of the Crop' Indies playing in your store....affordably!

Why 'In-Store' Music Anyway?

  • Customers can hear 'in-store' specials on your station.

  • Your store name branded in your station's stream.

  • Music helps customers feel relaxed.

  • Music gives your store a professional image.

  • All music is licensed. 

  • Digital stereo music.

  • Music delivered is the 'Cream of the Crop' of independent artists in multiple genres.

(Broadband Only)

  • $19.99 month.  In-store'  branding and ad specials.

  • $29.00 set-up fee per location.

  • Wireless tuner may be required.

  • 3 month minimum subscription.

You start and stop the music from your store.  If your store is small, simply use speakers from your computer.  

Subscription Fee $19.99 per month per store.

Set Up Fee $29.00 Per Location. 

Contact us to set up your account today!

Contact us WRPS1@comcast.net

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