Sell your music at the WRPS Online CD Store with only a 20% commission!  Read the terms below for details about selling or email us at

  • To sell your CD in our store we ask that you put  a link on your website to the WRPS Online CD Store.  

  • CD's without shrink wrap or with damage will be rejected.

  • WRPS Online CD Store is not responsible for paying publisher's and/or writer's royalties or license fees, if applicable.  WRPS Online CD Store is in agreement with current copyright laws of the United States of America.

  • Distribution FeeWRPS Online CD Store keeps 20% of the gross sale of each CD.  Sales tax (if applicable) and shipping and handling costs are paid by the consumer.  You, the artist, sets the retail price of the CD.  Unless otherwise stated, the price is set at $10.00 each.   Any returns and charge backs will be passed on to you, the artist.  There are no set up fees or monthly minimums; simply 20% commission.

  • You, the songwriter/artist, are responsible for providing WRPS Online CD Store with at least 1 CD for inventory.  Orders will not be processed if inventory is on back order.

  • All CD albums accepted by WRPS Online CD Store must not glorify drugs, violence, vulgar language or Satan.

  • WRPS Online CD Store reserves the right to refuse promotion and/or distribution service to anyone.

  • WRPS Online CD Store is on a non-exclusive basis and can be cancelled by either party with at least 30 days written notice.  Email notice permissible if songwriter/artist's name appears on the email.

  • WRPS Online CD Store is "held harmless" to the quality of the CD's sold from it's Internet website.

  • Washington State sales tax applies to all CD sales at 8.5% on the gross sale.

  • WRPS Online CD Store will accumulate all sales on a monthly basis and send you a check for the net amount.  No amounts will be carried over to the next month.  Please supply us, via email, payment, address, and any additional info, such as, phone or email.

  • We will also need you name and social security number if your total sales exceeds $600.00 annually, (calendar tax year)  so we can send you an IRS-1099.  Please consult your tax advisor, as we do not give tax advise.

  • By sending your CD's for sale at WRPS Online CD Store, you hereby agree to the terms of sale.


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