WRPS/WebRadioPugetSound and 'Visual Radio' are marketing and promotional services to musicians and business to help get their message  SEEN and HEARD !
TARGET AUDIENCE:  In addition to a general listening audience (24-54 age demographic), WRPS and 'Visual Radio' advertising targets listeners and viewers who are musicians/performing artistslabelsagents,  managers and others in the music industry. 


Platinum Plus!

                                          1.) One Platinum video program for 13 weeks on 'Visual Radio'!

2.) Your video on DVD sent postage paid!

              3.) Daily promos on both mp3 streams! (13 weeks)

    4.) One sponsor board on WRPS homepage!

                                                                                    Total package......$175.00!

Or a Gold or Platinum program below.


**   'Visual Radio' Gold : Your one song with multi-media content * with only two or three artists on each program available 24/7.   'Country', 'Rock', and 'Lite/Mellow' are Gold programs.  Ad rate for Gold is $5.00 a week for a 13 week campaign for $65.00! Good exposure.

** 'Visual Radio' Platinum: Your exclusive one song  with multi-media  content * running 24/7with  voice-over, announcing artist's name, contact information, website URL, band photos, etc. along with your TEXT messages during the program. You have the exclusive  use of the time and space (you can sell the time and space to help pay the cost of the campaign). .....ad rate is $10.00 week total $130.00 on a 13 week campaign.  Includes Sponsor Board and In-stream promos.  Contact us wrps1@comcast.net. Better exposure.

**  Platinum Plus: We'll author your Platinum video program to DVD AND one Windows Media video file plus sponsor board on our homepage plus promos on both mp3 streams!  Includes label artwork for  $175.00. Best exposure.

* Video content is from our high quality SD & HD  video library!



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Contact us wrps1@comcast.net 
        Call: 253-970-5754

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