Ways to get more retweets.

News 01:09 September 2019:

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Are you feeling a little bit off because there no notifications coming in your twitter? If you just think of it, a lot of people are striving for consideration in Twitter. If you are feeling that your are not getting the attention and you are not getting interactions, it is time to get some work. In this post, you will get and learn some more feature on Twitter which will help you make and get extra retweets easier and a lot faster! In addition, we will state some ways on how to make improved tweets also the kinds of tweets that you can post just to increase the chances of your account  to achieve extra automatic retweets.


First is you should tag other users. We want people to notice us and there are more ways and this is one of them. Anything that usually gets other people’s attention is by being in their notification. Tagging other users in your tweets has no exception at all. Second is getting or posting some humorous tweets. Humor on social media can be a tricky one, especially on the app or the website twitter. You wanna know why? Because the character limitations on twitter is only up to 140. It is proven that a certain tweet that makes people laugh or makes people smile tends to get retweeted a lot more than the tweets that has no humor at all. If you can be a lot funny, the go for it. Post humorous tweets but be sure that do not be crude and do not try to damage your brand’s reputation. Next is getting personal, Sharing the information of what is going on with your life or some BTS content of you business is a very great way to engage.


Just like a quote or some motivation quote for a better and healthy lifestyle, or sharing something personal people who relates will want to interact or to engage. But of course be careful when you are sharing personal thing you might give your bank account because of you emotion accidentally. Next is retweet others’ posts. It is a thing that we do to do to other what you want to be done with you also or we know that saying by, do not do unto other what you do not want to be done to you. Think of a content and a person that you can share that content with. Aim for the people who have followers that your content appeals to and after that some followers of that user may follow you because they may like your content. Next is asking for retweets.


We do not need to have a lot of pride and we should start being down to earth and ask for retweets. Fortune favors the bold. Most people are really helpful and they can help you with retweeting. Lastly is pinning a tweet, just simply pin a tweet that either describes you or describes your content. Twitter retweets gives you popularity.